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Life on the edge of the abyss

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Mont Saint-Michel, France

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Tehran, Iran

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Morning in Tuscany(Italy)

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Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria(Germany)

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Potala Palace, Tibet

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Island of Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

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Chicago on the horizon

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Lake Superior, Germany

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The ancient monastery, Armenia

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View of Mount Fuji from the village Saiki

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Fog over the hills of Sausalito

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Athens view from Mount Lycabettus(Greece)

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Albion Falls, Canada

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Street art, Poland

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40-meter high statue of King Decebalus, the border of Romania and Serbia

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Shrine of the Prussian royal family

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Rock ‘Trolltunga “Norway

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Coaster ride in nature

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on the edge

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Countryside Ireland

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Puyehue volcano eruption (Chile)

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Giraffes at twilight

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icy canyon

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 Shanhaiguan – the place where the Great Wall meets the sea

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Bamboo Forest

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Abandoned subway station near New York

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Night Dubai

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Temple of Heaven, Iceland

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Castle in Werfen, Austria

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Outdoor stairs in Kyoto, Japan

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Lightning in the night sky

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Lake Tamblian, Indonesia

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Iguazu Falls, Brazil

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View from the window of the lighthouse, Indonesia

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Creating an artificial island, Dubai

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The night sky, the Himalayas

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Sunrise over the Lofoten, Norway

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Isle of Skye in the Inner Hebrides archipelago, Scotland

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Crystal clear waters of the island Sameranzher, Austria

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Karymskii, Russia

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Guilin, China

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