1.Peles Castle, near the town of Sinaia, Romania

nature (26)

2.Fishing village Hamnёy, Norway

nature (20)

3.Abandoned village Shengsi, Chinanature (1)

4.Gasadalur village, Faroe Islands, Denmark

nature (2)

5.Cave city Uplistsikhe Georgia
nature (3)

6.Rice terraces, one of the villages Lunshen County, China

nature (4)

7.Village of Eguisheim, France

nature (5)

8.The village of Hallstatt, Austria

nature (6)

9.City Oia, Santorini Island, Greece

nature (7)

10.Monemvasia, a Byzantine fortress town, Greece

nature (8)

11.Foroglio Waterfall, Switzerland

nature (9)

12.Manarola, Italy

nature (10)

13.The island fortress of Mont-Saint-Michel, France

nature (11)

14.Suzdal, Russia

nature (12)

15.The ancient city of Fenghuang, Hunan, China

nature (13)

16.The village of Bozhentsi, Bulgaria

nature (14)

17.Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

nature (15)

18.Open Air Museum Göreme, Turkeynature (16)

19.Bled, Slovenia

nature (17)

20.City of La Petite-Pierre, France

nature (18)

21.The village of Zermatt, Switzerland

nature (19)


22.Burano, the island area of Venice, Italy

nature (21)

23.The municipality of Alberobello, Italy

nature (22)

24.The village of the Smurfs Júzcar, Spain

nature (23)

25.Fairy-tale town of Solvang, Santa Barbara, CA

nature (24)

26.Renndolsetra – a dairy farm in the mountains, Norway

nature (25)


27.Isle of Capri, Italy

nature (27)

28.The municipality of Riomaggiore, Italy

nature (28)

29.The medieval town of Rothenburg on Tauber, Germany

nature (29)

30.The town of Røros, Norway

nature (30)

31.Cave city Uplistsikhe Georgia

nature (31)

32.The village of Shirakawa, Japan

nature (32)

33.The village of Bibury, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

nature (33)

34.City of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

nature (34)

35.City of York, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

nature (35)

36.Dekang, Hunan Province, China

nature (36)

37.Village Okayama, Japan

nature (37)

38.Hamlet Or, Oxford, UKnature (38)

39.The small town of Cagnes-sur-Mer in Provence, France

nature (39)


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