Florida, United States.


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It was founded in 1822 as a naval base, helps combat piracy in the Caribbean. After years of planning, in 1847 began the construction of a massive fortification hexagonal shape with 420 loopholes for heavy guns. Wall height above sea level is 15 meters, the fortress surrounded by a moat 23 meters wide.




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Murud-Janjira fort was founded in the XVIII century coli, or “The Fisher King”, and gradually turned into a fortified castle. During the 200 years of Indian fishermen fought desperately with the Muslim conquerors. They could not take the fortress fight until used trick.

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Since 1980, interest in the Fort Bayard TV shows, filming is entertainment.

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Emperor Alexander I “, Russia. Fort erected in 1838-45 years. It is built in the form of “bean” size of 90×60 meters and has 4 tiers of combat, to whom can accommodate 137 guns, and adapted to the management of perimeter defense. Fort has never participated in the fighting, but made a big impression on the Allied squadron commander Admiral Nepira during the Crimean War.

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Fort Louvois. Project fort was proposed in 1690 by the Marquis de Louvois, who was then minister of war. Under the project, a two-storey with two towers fort was oval in shape. As the construction site was chosen shoal Chapuis, and the fort was to be connected to the shore of the dam, which at low tide could serve to deliver the fortress of various cargoes

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The foundation of the island consists of huge granite blocks that were delivered to the place of special barges. It was built with lighthouse and firing positions for 49 guns. Fort about 200 meters in diameter and rises 18 meters above the sea.

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In 1894, A. Yersenom opened the plague pathogen. At the same time in Russia was established “Special Commission for the Prevention of plague infection and fight with her in case its appearance in Russia” – KOMOCHUM. Fort “Alexander” was the perfect place to organize plague laboratory – complete isolation and not far from the city. January 26, 1897 the fort was taken over by the Institute of Experimental Medicine

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1929 Fort Louvois received the status of a historical monument



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Fort Bayard, France


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Fort Murud-Janjira, India.

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surrounded by the sea, this island, rugged maze of ancient catacombs, makes a strong impression on tourists who have visited it.

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Either the people of India was not known to the legendary trick that allowed the capture of Troy, or history teaches nothing. Sly Muslims pretended liquor dealers. Drove in some barrels of their soldiers, they waited until the Indian fishermen get drunk, and then took an impregnable fortress.

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Since 1972, Fort Louvois open to the public all comers from March to October (during high tide to the fort can be reached by boat from the port No ch arge Chapuis). The fort is a museum of oysters and a permanent exhibition on the history of the fortress

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Fort No Mans Land Fort. Artificial island called No Mans Land Fort is located a mile from Portsmouth. On the island, which was built between 1861 and 1880, the fort was placed with 80 soldiers to protect the coast of Great Britain from attack by the French.

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The fort was built in 1942. It housed the artillery and radar equipment. Rests on two hollow columns.

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Fort Pampus, Netherlands.

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Fort Bayard – stone fort, located on the Atlantic coast of France in the Strait Antiosh, between the islands of Ile d’Aix and Oleron. Construction began in 1801 and ended in 1857.

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Maunsell sea forts. British naval forts Maunsell, located at the mouth of the Thames, were built during the Second World War, but so far this place is a living legend.

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Fort Flakfortet, Denmark. In the Oresund Strait, between Copenhagen and Malmö was built island Saltholmreb to host the fortress Flakfortet. Construction was carried out in 1910-1915 gg.

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Fort HM Fort Roughs, UK.


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